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About Kernile

Kernile S.A.E. headquartered in Cairo - Egypt, is a globally oriented peanut grower, processor, and exporter with established peanut farming and production network in Egypt and all over Africa, and sales network across Europe, MENA, and Gulf. Our business model focuses on successfully connecting farmer and manufacturer through responsible growing, sourcing, and processing while being an effective manager of the product supply chain. More >


Virginia (long type)   Runner (Regular)   Spanish (Round Type)   Inshell - Extra White Colour
Inshell Normal / Golden Colour   Blanched   Splits   Organic
    Peanut Hulls   Crushing Peanut    

  Supply Chain Management
Whether it is Shitaochi peanut variety from Ghana, Virginia variety from Egypt, or Runner peanuts from the US. Kernile manages the peanut supply chain from seeds selection, until the final delivery to the customer. More >


Customers and manufacturers worldwide rely on their suppliers to provide safe and quality complied product. We ensure that all the different stages of peanuts production and processing from the first treatments in the field to the packaging are controlled and supervised by quality in-house personnel who assure the appropriate quality standards and therefore answering the stringent needs of our customers and consumers.

Multiple quality samples are taken and tested at critical control points throughout the entire growing and processing cycle of Kernile peanuts
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Plot34, Industrial Area, New Cairo City, Cairo - Egypt
tel. +20226053058
Email: sales@kernile.com
Website: www.kernile.com
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